"Go into ALL the world and Preach...Jesus"


Kingdom Power Studios has a passionate desire is to see the Christian acting community rise to a greater level of excellence and professionalism.

   God has given us a vision for producing an evangelistic in-your-face commercial that would air on national TV during the super bowl. It is our desire to see the Christian acting community rise to a greater level of excellence. We want to share our passion for the LORD and the gift HE has given us. Our passion for acting and the desire to accomplish Christian based programming for television consumes our every thoughts. Our hearts are full of ideas for producing and acting in movies that will bring this nation to its knees before Jesus Christ. Our deepest desires are to act on stage or in front of a camera and see the conviction on the faces of an audience and then to give that audience the opportunity to meet Jesus face to face. We want to passionately give ourselves to changing the hearts of men back to the Father, to have sitcoms, movies, and commercials on TV that have a godly message and show the power of the Holy Spirit.

   We envision owning a production studio campus equal to paramount pictures or Universal studios. We can see a place were Christian actors are being trained and honing the craft of acting. Spirit filled actors will capture the hearts of the audience and drive the message of the gospel deep into a hurting world.  We see Christian actors paid on the same scale as the world, no longer being asked to work for free or for pennies on the dollar. It’s not only about the money, but it is about paying for excellence. It’s time that the world sees how big our God really is!

   We are currently offering Christian acting classes open to any believer who wants to learn the art of acting from Spirit filled instructors who have the heart of the Father in their hearts. We desire  to begin dialog with current Hollywood Christian actors who would be open to the idea of helping make this vision a reality. We know that God is in it and He will not fail. This is HIS will!!!