"Go into ALL the world and Preach...Jesus"

We are a brand new Dallas based, Christian film company that is actively seeking motivated, like-minded film makers, actors, writers, directors, camera operators, editors and producers for projects to be shot in the DFW metroplex area.

We are currently filming our acting students on DCTV for demo reels.  Each six week course is featured on Channel 15, Arts and Entertainment Channel.

We are currently producing a 30 second promotional commercial for KLTY Television to highlight Kingdom Power Studios and the Workshop for Christian Actors.  

At this time we are working on shooting five 10 min. sermon illistrations to be used by small groups as well as pastors to provoke discussions that will change lives. We need multiple actors to audition and play numerous roles 

We have also writen a sitcom that will be shot here in the Dallas area.  Production is scheduled to begin  summer of 2008.

Also partnering with the Revolutionary  Film Project to produce a full feature film production.   Production is sceduled to begin by Spring 2008.


We are currently seeking Christian themed scripts for immediate production. These scripts do not have to be overtly Christian. We are looking for compelling, thought provoking stories with good moral values and deep spiritual significance that would have mass appeal to both secular as well as Christian audiences. We are looking specifically for stories that can be produced locally for a budget of less than $250,000. If you have such a story, please feel free to contact us at: