"Go into ALL the world and Preach...Jesus"

Ø      Classes are taught as on going classes. The cycle will be determined by the progress of you and  your scene partner. At the end of each scene study you and your partner will perform the scene on a real location which can later be used to build a demo real. Each new cycle will cover new scenes and more in- depth character study as students advance. Each student and their scene partner will be given the opportunity to perform in the Kingdom Power Showcase aired on the Entertainment channel of Dallas Community television. (Channel 15 Dallas Imedia)


Ø      Each student will be taught how to promote themselves and prepare for a career in the field of Christian entertainment. This includes introduction to headshots, resumes, demo reels and other means of self promotion as well as the possible representation by a state certified talent agency. 

Ø      The acting workshops are open to include the home schools, bible students, Church organizations and to the entire community.


Ø      We can also come to your location and teach a class provided you can supply the minimum number of students. (6)