"Go into ALL the world and Preach...Jesus"

Area of Instruction

*    Character Study  Making the choices for a portrayed character that help the actor bring that character to life.

*    Scene Study  A systematic breakdown of each scene into its smaller components to develop the script as well as the characters.

*    Set Development To develop, design and create the set for each scene to be used in filming.

*    Promotional and Marketing Strategies  We will teach each actor how to promote and be seen by the right people to help become a professional.  Head shots, resumes, demo reels are a few examples.

*    Writing of scripts and scenes We will assist and encourage those who have a desire to write scripts and scenes in a dynamic and technically correct format. 

*    Appearances on Dallas Community Television Each month the acting projects will be aired on Dallas Community Television, channel 15.

*    Guest acting coaches On occasions we will host guest talent that specialize in various aspects of theater as well as dance.