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We are currently planning a seminar in the early fall.  If you would be interested in this seminar please contact us as soon as posible. dallas@act4jesus.com

Actor Writer Workshops:    www.actorwriter.com


The owners and founders of Actor Writer Workshops, Paul Rohrer and Peter DeAnello, have more than fifty years of combined professional experience and success in the performing arts on stage and on camera, both in front of and behind the scenes. They are also published authors of Listen, Feel and Respond and Monologue: From Mystery to Mastery.

These two coaches direct and guide their students in a positive and goal oriented curriculum designed entirely from their many years of first hand experience and ongoing relationships within the film and television productions industry.

Actor Writer Workshops (AWW) is an education and production based program that develops the aspiring student seeking employment and success in the film and television arts.

The founders believe that through positive encouragement and reinforcement the unique and attractive personality, ability and talents of each student will be realized and developed.

From one on one private sessions to full, working studio settings, each workshop is designed to give students the tools necessary to develop three dimensional characters for use in commercials, industrials, broadcast television and theatrical films and video. Each workshop is held in the space most appropriate to the work being addressed. From classroom to studio to edit bays, each student has a hands-on approach to every subject offered.

Students enrolled in the AWW workshops are encouraged to do today what others will not approach, so that tomorrow they will be able to do what others can't. As the students progress in their ability to understand and perform the acquired skills, they are continually challenged and encouraged to move toward the next goal. Whether it is taking a newly written monologue to a scene, to a one-act, to three-acts, to a screen-play and eventually to a complete production. Or it may be learning how to appear confident on camera to doing a commercial or performing as an extra, up to leading a feature-length film.

The coaches and instructors challenge and inspire the students using their many years of personal experience and success. AWW workshops introduce the advanced students to meet and work with top industry names whom are well-known, award-winning professionals in the fields of acting, writing, producing and directing. These "introductions" have consistently proven to place the students who are prepared and capable, within the employment of the performing arts industry, proving that Actor Writer Workshops continue to challenge and offer on-going experience-based training to the working professional.