"Go into ALL the world and Preach...Jesus"

Dallas Morris
Actor, Cameraman, Teacher, Pastor, Coach


Acting Resumesite: http://www.dfwactors.com/504.htm

Dallas Morris was raised in church with most of his family serving as ministers and teachers. He became a born again believer at age 5 and felt the call to the ministry at age 17.

His early beginnings in church plays and school productions drove him to pursue acting as a way to reach the lost. But sometimes the world can pull you in other directions.

After serving fourteen years in the U.S. Army Special Forces, Dallas returned to civilian life and continued to pursue his acting career. He got an agent and before he knew it he was doing commercials, extra and bit parts in episodic television and films like “Bells of Innocense,” (starring fellow believer, Chuck Norris).

As he got more involved with ministry again, Dallas worked first as a Children's pastor and later as youth minister. While attending bible school through Heartland World Ministries Church , Dallas realized God was directing him once again to fulfill his calling through the area of media.

Dallas has a passionate desire is to see the Christian acting community rise to a greater level of excellence and professionalism. As he continues to work on his own talents, he spends many nights dreaming and writing sitcoms, movies and TV commercials that have the true message of the Kingdom power of Jesus Christ and to present this message to the world.

Now president and founder of Kingdom Power Ministries, Dallas Morris is reaching out to the many Christian actors who share this passion with him. He is training and working with actors of every skill level to join together in excellence to make a difference in world wide media to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15) If you are a born-again Christian with a passion for acting, feel free to contact Dallas at: 214-924-0094.

Today, Dallas and his Kingdom Power Ministries have partnered with The Revolutionary Film Project with a goal for reaching the masses for Christ through powerful media presentations. www.therevolutionaryfilmproject.com

Rebecca Morris,                                                                                                                  Photographer, Writer, Cameraman


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